Sun. Mar. 22. 2020

Last week was a hundred years ago. Every day feels surreal. And this moment in our history feels like a slow-motion 9/11. The first plane has yet to even hit. And when it does, the next one will come along later. 45 days they say. Then again later this summer. Stay inside. Hunker down. Load your soap dispensers. This is war.

But while you shelter in place, do not quarantine your rage. This pandemic was preventable. Our government was warned in January and did worse than nothing: they called our enemy a hoax, a minor cold, and fake news. The result? Millions of jobs lost, a buckling economy, states on lockdown, and the psychological trauma of society threatened not just by the tidal wave of a plague—but a tsunami of unmitigated incompetency. This is a decisive dereliction of democracy. Make no mistake—this was Decisive. This is America laid bare: a sick care system forcefully neglected and compromised by capitalism and corner after cut corner after cut corner. If this does not convince us the moral and economic need for a coordinated national healthcare system, then stock up the hand sanitizer. If you can find it.

But far worse than the boogeyman of “State-Controlled Action” is the body count of “State-Controlled Inaction”. This, too, a decisive measure meant to save costs, save stock numbers, save a nightmare presidency at the expense of human lives in a rising body count which will far surpass the Dow's closing record of 29,551. The Defense Production Act has been signed. It must be used to its fullest measure. This is what government is for. This is what government is for. This is what government is for. Every factory that can produce the equipment to fight this war—must. But they should not need an invitation. Patriots of the Human Species need you. Yesterday.

No, do not quarantine your rage. But please, do not quarantine your humanity. Empathy has never been more urgent. Kindness never more needed. Patience never more required. Our human struggle never more bonded than against a terror that attacks every class of every nation without prejudice. For a plague that reaches inside our lungs, it has made us all stop to capture our collective breath. So here we are, the human species, forced to confront ourselves. This is our revelation.